Client spotlight

We often get the question what the typical use case for our solution is. An example can be made of one of our clients within the governmental sector that handles confidential customer data on a daily basis. This client has strict security policies in place to protect their data, but are concerned about the risk of malware spreading through USB drives. They implemented our USB sanitation system to prevent malware from infecting their sensitive systems.

The client decided to implement our USB sanitation terminal, a security solution that scans USB drives for malware and quarantines any infected files. The implementation of our complete solution allows them to block all untrusted storage media thus preventing unknown files and potential malware from spreading in the client’s systems.

To implement the system, all the client had to do was to configure a terminal according to their internal policies and place it between the systems that are at risk of malware infection through USB-media. They also installed a signature check in the target system to ensure that no untrusted USB-media could be used and deployed pre-sanitized USB drives to their employees, ensuring that any data transferred to or from the USB drives is free of malware.

As a result of implementing our solution, the client was able to significantly reduce the risk of malware infection through USB drives. Any infected files will automatically be quarantined, preventing them from spreading to other systems. The client can also confidently share data with other parties using a Hunna pre-sanitized and write-protected USB drive, ensuring that their sensitive data is protected.

Additionally, by implementing a robust USB security solution the client was able to comply with regulatory requirements for protecting their data. The client also benefits from Hunna’s reporting features, which provide detailed logs of USB activity and malware detection, allowing them to easily identify and investigate any potential security incidents.

In conclusion, implementing our USB sanitation system clients can significantly enhance the security of their sensitive systems, particularly in industries such as finance, healthcare, and government where data privacy and regulatory compliance are critical. These solutions provide an additional layer of protection against malware spread through USB drives, allowing organizations to safely transfer data and protect their sensitive information.

Client spotlight